Eilat Hotels

Hotel Chains in Eilat

In a world that is a global village, one can not ignore the central place reserved for chains in our daily life. There is something very cosy, intimate and comforting in the fact that the room you rented in a certain hotel chain abroad, will wait for you in your vacation in Eilat. Many of the hotels in Eilat are connected to Israeli chains and in some cases to international chains as well.

The biggest chain in Eilat is Fattal, with eleven hotels located in the city and along the shoreline. Fattal addresses different target audiences. It holds boutique hotels such as Herods Vitalis and Le Meridien, as well as the conferences hotel Herods Boutique, the Magic Palace and Leonardo Plaza for the target audience of families, U Coral Beach Club and Royal Resort with emphasis on entertainment, and Leonardo Club and Leonardo Privilege based on “All Inclusive”.

The second place is held by the Israeli chain Isrotel, which most of its hotels are located in Eilat. The Isrotel chain offers luxury hotels as well as a variety of all-inclusive hotels and family oriented hotels, such as the apartment hotel Isrotel Riviera Club, the suite hotel Isrotel Royal Garden, and the hotels Isrotel Sport Club and Isrotel Lagoona which are all inclusive during summer vacation and the Israeli holiday season which follows. In addition, there are Isrotel Yam Suf which addresses the target audience of divers, and Isrotel King Solomon - the first luxury hotel built in Eilat.

The younger hotel chains in Eilat are Rimonim and Astral. Although Astral has only five hotels and Rimonim has just three, these chains address a variety of target audiences, with hotels in the city (Astral Nirvana and Rimonim Central Park), on the beach (Astral Sea Side and Rimonim Eilat), all inclusive hotels (Astral Nirvana and Astral Coral) and suite hotels which overlook the Marina (Astral Marina and Marina Club).

In spite of their relatively low presence, one could not ignore the hotels of Dan and Hilton chains located in Eilat. The international chain Hilton is represented in Hilton Queen of Sheeba, located on the north beach promenade. The luxury hotel Hilton Queen of Sheeba is constantly defining the Eilati vacation experience since 1999. The Dan Chain is represented with two luxury hotels. Dan Eilat on the excellent location - near the beach and a wide promenade without any peddlers, and Dan Panorama which overlooks Eilat's Marina and addresses couples and families on vacation.

The city of Eilat offers a vast variety of hotels and plenty of possibilities. There is an obvious resemblance between the hotel chains in Eilat in the way that they address different audiences and do not deal with differentiation and branding. The advantage for the costumer is embodied in a healthy competition between the chains.